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Configure Open With...

Register the gist URL scheme to open gists from gist:// URLs.


1. Install .NET SDK

2. Use Win+R Shortcut and paste command below to run the install.ps1 script:

3. Add Applications to %PATH%

1. Install .NET SDK

2. Download & open gist.dmg then copy the gist app to Applications: Install gist.dmg

3. Add Applications to $PATH

1. Install .NET SDK

2. Run install.sh:

3. Add Applications to $PATH

Download & edit gists

Once installed, the x dotnet tool can be used to easily create, update & download gists:

Download and open gist folder:

Write gist files to the current directory:

To create (or update) a folder's contents to a gist, run:

Create new Project Template

The x new tool lets you create new projects using GitHub Project Templates in the user/repo format, e.g. you can create a deno gistcafe project with:

View available project templates from the gistcafe GitHub organization with:

Use download to just download a repo without any project transformations:

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