do stuff with github gists
share directory snapshots in gists
create & publish static websites
create code examples with docs
run on your own servers

If preferred, can be run locally where teams can share and run their secret gists faster on their own servers by running our docker image

Then create a gistcafe container with external links to your local instance:

--security-opt flag only required for running swift

That can now be launched with:

To update, remove your container and pull the latest version, then recreate it:

Tip: to enable all team members to update the same gists, have them use a shared gist GitHub Access Token in their GITHUB_TOKEN Environment Variable.

try all languages with VS Code Docker

The least invasive way of trying out all popular languages is to run the servicestack/gistcafe Docker image in VS Code's Docker Extension:

After right-clicking on the running container and clicking on Attach Visual Studio Code you'll open a VS Code window into the running instance at the users /app home directory. To start with a clean folder free of clutter, you can run code src to open a new VS Code window into the empty src folder.

Start from your languages "Hello World"

To quickly get started playing with each language use the built-in x tool to download any GitHub repo.

To make it easy, gistcafe has a hello-* repo for each language that supports running a single source file "Hello World" which you can browse with:

Run it!

Then download the language you want, e.g you can download & run a Deno "Hello World" App with:

Start from a language project template

For installing all other non-single file (i.e. hello-*) repos you'll instead want to use x new so it applies all project transformations with your Project Name:

Publish it!

Once you're ready to share your new App with the world you can publish it to a GitHub Gist by generating a GitHub Access Token with gist scope and adding it to your GITHUB_TOKEN Environment Variable:

Then to publish your App to a new Gist, run:

if -desc is unspecified the description is inferred from your folder name.

To update your Gist run publish again:

Create, share, embed & execute apps:
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