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Try in all languages with VS Code & Docker

The least invasive way of trying out all popular languages is to run the servicestack/gistcafe Docker image in VS Code's Docker Extension:

After right-clicking on the running container and clicking on Attach Visual Studio Code you'll open a VS Code window into the running instance at the users /app home directory. To start with a clean folder free of clutter, you can run code src to open a new VS Code window into the empty src folder.

Start from your languages "Hello World"

To quickly get started playing with each language use the built-in x tool to download any GitHub repo.

To make it easy, gistcafe has a hello-* repo for each language that supports running a single source file "Hello World" which you can browse with:

Run it!

Then download the language you want, e.g you can download & run a Deno "Hello World" App with:

Start from a language project template

For installing all other non-single file (i.e. hello-*) repos you'll instead want to use x new so it applies all project transformations with your Project Name:

Publish it!

Once you're ready to share your new App with the world you can publish it to a GitHub Gist by generating a GitHub Access Token with gist scope and adding it to your GITHUB_TOKEN Environment Variable:

Then to publish your App to a new Gist, run:

if -desc is unspecified the description is inferred from your folder name.

To update your Gist run publish again:

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